Charter Flight

Chase Travels & Tours is the only one leading most comprehensive and efficient private Company Limited in Myanmar. operating the Hajj charter flight assignment and Aircraft Brokerage in addition to our normal tour business operations. If to recall back our services, we have arrange 02 charter flight from Royal Air for the Myanmar Hajj passengers who were been stranded in the midst of their journey on due account of Bangkok Air Port Crisis in 2008. These stranded Hajj passenger directly fly out from Yangon to Jeddah and then back to Yangon by means of direct route.
During the period of 2009 Hajj Season we have chartered 05 flight of Boeing 747 from Pakistan International Air Line (PIA) for 2500 Myanmar Hajjies who has travel from Yangon to Jeddah and back to Yangon directly.
All the said 2500 Myanmar Hajj passengers has accomplished their Hajj pilgrimage in safe and sound and were back at home by a convenient route. This has added our confident and experience.
We assure that we can arrange all your requirement with the Charter Fight Assignments all necessaries which you required in the Tour filed.
On base of our experience and associates we can arrange ATR Aircraft, Fokker Aircraft and Helicopter for you if you have any intention to purchase.
If you are looking to purchase or to charter any type pf air craft don’t miss to contact our contact No. and our mail address. We assure that our service will be at your door to dedicate you and your business.

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