China Airlines

International Flight
Yangon - Taipei vice visa
Effective from
21 January 2013

China Airlines (CAL) has consistently been Taiwan’s largest airline company and one of Asia’s leading carriers since its 1959 founding. It is based out of Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) in Taiwan, an economic powerhouse known as the “Island of Technology.” CAL consists of the world’s most advanced fleet, serving more than 100 destinations worldwide, connecting Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, and offering superb, comfortable and safe service.

  • Founded: December 16, 1959
  • Stock listed: February 26, 1993
  • Registered capital: NTD 53,700,079,000
  • Chairman: Mr. Sun Huang-Hsiang
  • President: Mr. Chang Yu-Hern
  • Staff: 9,900 employees in Taiwan and 2,011 employees outside Taiwan (totaling 11,911 as of August 31, 2015)


Most airports we fly in and out of are equipped with a Flight Information System. Our airport staff will inform passengers through broadcasts about boarding information and flight irregularities. We recommend that passengers who are disabled or have hearing/visual problems relay their special needs directly to our employees at each point of contact throughout the airport.

Flight Schedule

Sector Flight Days  Flight No. Departure Arrival Duration
From  To
RGN TPE Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat,Sun CA 906 14:15 17:35  –
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