Golden Myanmar Airline

Domestic Flight
To & From Myanmar
Effective from
21 January 2013

Golden Myanmar Airlines is the first Myanmar Aviation Public Company established in July 2012, GMA has grown to be Myanmar’s leading domestic and international. It is with great honor to announce the formation of Golden Myanmar Airlines. In our first steps, we are determined to reach the pinnacle of the airline industry in Myanmar. We are dedicated to deliver outstanding in-flight service, superior on board products, and operational excellence.


Golden Myanmar Airlines cargo began offers cargo service from/to Yangon to/from Singapore, Mandalay (daily).
Shipments from/to Yangon to/from Singapore, please contact our authorized Agents.
We accept direct shipper for from/to Yangon to/from Mandalay.
We provide reliable services to meet your shipping needs.
Please contact us through our authorized agents;

Flight Schedule

Y5-775 RGN/MDL 0700-0810 DAILY
Y5-776 MDL/RGN 0850-1000 DAILY
Y5-789 RGN/MDL 1700-1810 DAILY
Y5-790 MDL/RGN 1850-2000 DAILY


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